Frequently Asked Questions

Property managers and agents are there to help you enjoy a hassle-free property ownership process.  We save you the time and worry of finding properties, marketing your properties, getting clients, handling repairs and maintenance, collecting rent and other day to day operations and activities that need your constant attention for your property to thrive.

We give you freedom and flexibility!

Read our blog on what to consider when buying or renting a home. Each alternative has its benefits, but ultimately we encourage our clients to meet with us and discuss each option according to their current and future positions and we will help you arrive at a sound decision.   


With the advent of digital and social media, prospective buyers/ tenants are now able to view multiple listing virtually, from the comfort of your home. This will help you save on lots of time. We advise you to some online research even on our listings pages, select some properties that you would like to view, then book a physical viewing with us. 


A real estate agent / agency is a person or organization that is professionally licensed to help people buy, sell or rent properties and real estate. They are also regulated and monitored by various institutions such as the Estate Agents Registration Board (EARB) here in Kenya.
A real estate broker is someone who negotiates and arranges real estate transactions. They may also run a brokerage firm.

Established in 1990, Lustman & Co has more than 26 years’ experience in the property management industry in Kenya.

Lustman & Co Limited is located in Naiorbi, Kenya at Jadala Place, Ngong Lane, Off Ngong road on 1st floor. You can give us a call or visit us Monday – Friday. We are happy to serve you.