House Hunting in Nairobi: Do’s and Don’ts

House hunting has become an extremely popular buzz word in Nairobi, especially among millennials and young families when referring to the process of searching for a house to live in. In Nairobi this activity can be cumbersome or very fulfilling. Here are some tips to help you when house hunting in Nairobi:


Do work with a licensed real estate agency in Nairobi such as Lustman & Co for professional services and to ensure you achieve your desired results.

Consider the neighborhood- your satisfied residency in your home is heavily dependent on the security of the area and the neighborhood. We advise visiting a house in the morning and in the evening to get a feel of the neighborhood activity.

Dress comfortably when going house hunting. Searching for a home could include flights of stairs, or long parking lots. Don’t get tired because of your choice of outfit.

Know what you must have in advance- house hunting becomes much easier for you and your agent if you have already narrowed down what kind of house you are looking for i.e. spacious, low lighting, 3 bedrooms and a playground. Be specific but open minded.

Always ask about the details including, service charge, internet connection, back up electricity, neighborhood or building associations and any other amenities you may be looking for or would like to know about.


Don’t go through the process of house hunting alone. Seek out a professional real estate agency who can lead you to exactly the places you are looking for or have in mind.

Don’t rush the process; finding the perfect house is a process. Take your time when looking at different houses, come with a trusted friend if it helps.

Don’t settle on the first house- pick 2 or 3 options you like and view them all before settling on one you like best. In fact look at the home twice or thrice after your initial viewing to be sure.

Don’t ignore the finishing touches. 

Don’t forget to sign a lease agreement- a lease agreement also includes the condition of the house when receiving it. Always receive and sign your agreement to protect you and guide you from any issues that may arise with your house and tenancy, but also, to be certain about the terms and conditions of your stay.

Happy house hunting!